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Zinc: Improving Immunity to Fight Infection and Reduce Symptoms Associated with the Common Cold

Zinc is an essential element for the body; however, it is not as well-known for immunity as Vitamin C. Zinc is critically important for the body’s immune and anti-inflammatory responses. Nearly everyone has suffered from the miserable symptoms associated with the common cold and upper respiratory infections. In addition to the physical misery caused by these infections, the financial impact is staggering as well. Doctor visits and lost work or school days cost time and money (Wang et al., 2020).

Most People are Zinc Deficient

When the body responds to the insult of infections, immune systems signal zinc to help fight off infectious invaders (Rink & Gabriel, 2000). However, zinc is not stored and waiting around in the body to be used; therefore, adequate amounts of zinc must be ingested via food, such as animal protein or taken as a supplement. To this end, mild to moderate zinc deficiencies are known to exist worldwide (Maywald & Rink, 2000).

Zinc Fights COVID, too!

Wessels et al. (2017) refer to zinc as the “gatekeeper of the immune system, since the adequate function of virtually all immune cells is highly zinc-dependent.” (p. 27). Multiple studies have shown that zinc reduces the severity of the symptoms associated with the common cold and the duration of the cold (Rink & Gabriel, 2000). Furthermore, a growing number of studies are showing the importance of zinc in the fight against COVID (Maywald & Rink, 2022).

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