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Vida-Flo IV Clinic Treatment | What to Expect During Your Visit

New to IV hydration? Wondering what your first experience will Vida-Flo will be like? You’re not alone! For most people, doing anything for the first time sparks a lot of anxiety, including wellness treatments. This is why our team strives to provide a comfortable environment and to fully inform our customers about our services and what a visit entails. Keep reading to learn what you should expect when you book a Vida-Flo IV Clinic Treatment.

Getting Started

Before we hook you up to a drip, we must first assess whether you are a suitable candidate to be a customer at our IV drip bar. Why? For your overall health and safety. It’s important to note that some health conditions may disqualify you from receiving some of our treatments. This includes pregnant women and oncology patients, who are unable to receive our services without written consent from your personal physician. Otherwise, the approval process entails 5 quick, easy-to-understand steps:

  1. Electronic Medical Questionnaire
  2. Discussion with Vida-Flo Medical Personnel
  3. Taking of Patient Vital Signs
  4. Final Assessment of Patient Suitability by a Registered Nurse.
  5. Patient Treatment Agreement and Authorization

Determining a Treatment

Once you are approved, it’s time to choose a treatment. Determining the right treatment for a person is completely individual and is decided with the assistance of one of our registered nurses. They will not only introduce you to our wide range of treatment options, but help you pick which one(s) that align with your interests, needs, or wellness goals. Whether you are recovering from a recent illness or battling a chronic disease. Or are looking to boost your athletic performance or fortify your immune system. This process is typically completed in one of our private treatment rooms so that you feel comfortable being candid with our staff.

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Sit Back & Drip

With a treatment chosen, our registered nurse will leave to prepare your custom IV bag. In the meantime, we encourage you to get comfortable. Take advantage of our cozy furniture and pick your favorite movie or show on Netflix. Once your bag is prepared, the nurse will return to get you hooked up using the same equipment you would find at a hospital. Then the work is done! You get to sit back and relax, with our attentive staff on standby. You may be finished with treatment in as little as 30 minutes, although the duration will vary per person.

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After Your Treatment

Treatment complete, a nurse will remove the IV, then clean and bandage your arm at the injection site. And that’s it! You can head out the door and proceed with your day as you normally would. You can expect to feel refreshed and reenergized within a short period, depending on your treatment. Once you’ve reaped the benefits, be sure to book your next IV hydration treatment in a timely manner, whether as maintenance or as a preventative.

Feeling better about what to expect at Vida-Flo IV Clinic? Then book your appointment at one of our Middle Tennessee locations today! We’re excited to introduce you to our menu, including our Monthly Memberships, and to help you meet your wellness goals. If you can’t make it into our clinic, take advantage of our On-the-Go services, where we bring IV hydration right to your front door.

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