Using IV Therapy to Heal from Stress

In a post-pandemic world, stress is at an all-time high! Reports show that mental health is worsening across demographics. With a 93% increase in anxiety screenings and a 63% increase in depression screenings, people are looking for ways to cope with and combat stress – largely in regard to work-related fatigue or job burnout. This crisis is just one of the reasons we are eager to share ways people can use IV therapy to heal from stress! Keep reading to learn about our treatments that provide stress relief, and will assist with concentration, motivation, and mood stability.

IV Therapy for Stress Relief

When researching ways to help with stress there are countless solutions. However, natural stress treatment options are few and far between! For those who prefer a non-medicated treatment, IV therapy is an all-around stress-reducing experience. You will enjoy an IV drip in complete comfort, while a powerful mix of electrolytes and supplements is delivered straight to your bloodstream. Not only decreasing stress and its impact on you mentally and physically. But assisting with mental clarity, boosting motivation, and elevating your mood. This makes it a preferred solution for those experiencing work-related fatigue, who prefer to avoid the risk of symptoms associated with prescription medications. Our IV therapy for work stress packs big benefits, without compromising the ability to function or focus.

At Vida-Flo, our IV therapy services are delivered by a licensed medical practitioner in one of our sparkling clean private lounges. Complete with cozy recliners and a TV with streaming services, where guests are encouraged to kick back and relax for the duration of the drip. Or, take advantage of our mobile IV therapy services, and we’ll come to you – at home, in the office, or in a hotel.

Treatments that Reduce Stress

There is no one fits all solution for stress! These are just a few of the treatments that we offer at our Vida-Flo wellness clinics in Middle Tennessee. To see which treatment option would be the most beneficial, one of our registered nurses would be glad to walk you through our menu.

  • Vitamin C helps the body control cortisol levels, which triggers stress.
  • Vitamin B regulates the body’s serotonin and norepinephrine levels. Directly affect mental stability, mood, and the ability to cope with stress.
  • Magnesium modulates the activity of the body’s stress-response system, reducing anxiety, as well as easing stress and depression symptoms.
  • Zinc stabilizes serum cortisol levels, which assists with the stress response and can reduce stress.
  • Water is one of the best treatments for stress! Staying hydrated is an effective way to regulate mood and increase energy levels to prevent stress.

Looking for additional ways to can prevent stress, including work fatigue, and support the success of IV therapy? Start by exercising regularly and increasing your water intake. Even more so if you regularly consume caffeine. Another good option is to practice meditation, whether you prefer journaling or walking in nature with your pet. There are lots of ways you can manage stress in combination with IV therapy, to feel better and make the most of each day.

heal from stress

Ready to use IV therapy to heal from stress? At Vida-Flo, we can help direct you to the best treatment option for your individual needs! Book your appointment online today to work with one of our registered nurses, who can guide you through our menu. Plus, ask about our Monthly Membership! Available at all of our Middle Tennessee locations, it will help you to save on regular IV therapy treatments.

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