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The Master Antioxidant: The Benefits of Glutathione

At Vida-Flo, several of our treatments include glutathione, known as ‘the master antioxidant.’ Used to meet a range of wellness goals, it assists with a variety of bodily functions. Today we’re diving into the various benefits of glutathione hydration therapy so that you can choose the best treatment for your needs! Whether you are seeking to improve your athletic performance, bolster your beauty routine, or recover from a recent injury.

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is a combination of three amino acids: cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine. It is naturally produced by your liver to help with a variety of bodily functions, like making and repairing tissue, creating needed proteins and chemicals, and supporting proper immune system function. What is Glutathione’s main role? Our very own Dr. Aubert explains:

“There are many different types of stressors in life that cause cellular damage. Such as excessive exercise, alcohol and drug indulgence, taking excessive medications, and so on. When metabolized, these stressors cause toxic molecules called “free radicals”. Free radicals build up and cause damage to organs and physically cause your body to perform poorly. Antioxidants have the job of scouring the body to neutralize the free radicals and prevent damage to tissue and mitochondrial function. Glutathione is the most potent antioxidant the body makes, because, it can neutralize twice the amount of free radicals than any other anti-oxidant.”

Reduces Dark Marks and Evens Skin Tones

Glutathione is a natural skin brightener. It is used commonly in cosmetics to lighten and reduce the appearance of dark marks and acne scars. The effect is a bright and even skin tone for all shades of skin! If you have tried dozens of products that promise to rid your skin of blemishes, scars, and dark marks only to be disappointed with the results, you will benefit greatly from Vida-Flo’s hydration therapy with glutathione.

Athletic Performance and Recovery

During and following high-intensity exercise, your body can become depleted in glutathione. This makes oxidative stress more drastic and widespread. That leads to muscle and joint pain, weakness, and vulnerability to infections and injuries. Glutathione can easily be added to intravenous hydration treatments. It helps remove lactic acid build-up and improve muscle protein synthesis and growth. All these help you help train harder and recover faster!

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Anti-Aging Benefits

Our bodies need a balanced level of antioxidants to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance. When skin is exposed to UV rays, free radicals are created and cause oxidative stress, degradation of collagen, and an over-production of melanin (responsible for your tan). Over time, exposure to the sun rays can result in premature aging of the skin. Glutathione combined with hydration therapy can combat the free radicals that cause oxidative stress and reverse the damage caused by harmful sun rays. This means your skin will look and feel softer and younger!

Reduced Inflammation and Redness

Inflammation is the body’s way of initiating healing responses. However, unregulated inflammation can result in excessive free radical activity and tissue destruction. Many of us experience inflammation so regularly that we don’t even recognize it as such. Most discomfort, itching, or redness in our skin is an indicator of inflammation. You can fight inflammation from within! Our hydration therapy with glutathione will help your body to regulate its healing processes and reduce overall inflammation.

Want to see the benefits of glutathione for yourself? Get started today with a customized hydration treatment! Visit our website to book an appointment at one of our Middle Tennessee locations. Or to get the most out of IV therapy, be sure to check out our Monthly Membership, which you can use to save on regular treatments.

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