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Reduce Seasonal Allergies with IV Therapy

Springtime is here, but it’s not all sunshine and roses! Along with a host of colorful flowers, blue skies, and new life, comes an onslaught of allergy symptoms. From sinus pressure to watery eyes and coughing, it can be a miserable season. A real bummer when you consider that seasonal allergies affect nearly 8% of the population. If you suffer from springtime misery, read on to learn how you can reduce seasonal allergies with the help of IV therapy.

Dehydration and Histamines

When you are exposed to allergens like pollen and dander, your immune system responds by releasing a chemical called histamine. The same reaction your body uses to fight off harmful irritants like mold and dust. Histamines are responsible for the watery eyes and feelings of an itchy, sneezy nose that most allergy sufferers experience. The primary goal of histamines is to remove allergens from the body by any means necessary. When you are dehydrated, histamines are elevated which can cause you to feel more intense allergy symptoms.

reduce seasonal allergies

The Role of Hydration

Regardless of how thirsty you feel, it’s important that you remain adequately hydrated. Even more so if you know you are susceptible to seasonal allergies. After all, the best method to avoid symptoms are preventative measures. Proper hydration can help you feel better and can aid in your immune system performing better. Here’s how:

  • Decreased mucus production – When you are hydrated your air passageways are moist and in turn, less mucus is produced because your internal water level can sufficiently protect the tissues in your air passageway.
  • Decreased histamine production – When you are hydrated, your histamine levels are balanced so you will notice less sneezing, watery eyes, and allergy symptoms.
  • Regular bowel movements – When you are properly hydrated your body doesn’t use the water reserves from your colon. This means the colon will have sufficient water to work in harmony with your body and release allergen toxins regularly.

How to Maximize Hydration

The truth is, drinking bottled water is not the most effective way to hydrate your body. This is because most of us are drinking bottled water that has been stripped of vital nutrients. Real hydration will provide your body with electrolytes, vital minerals, and sodium that it needs to perform at its highest. The best and faster way to get these benefits are through hydration therapy. At Vida-Flo, we specialize in hydration therapy, a 45-minute process in which water infused with saline, vital minerals, and electrolytes are administered through an IV. It is virtually painless and after the session, clients report feeling energized, alert, and less susceptible to allergy symptoms.

Looking for a way to reduce seasonal allergies? Book an appointment at one of our Middle Tennessee locations today, and be sure to ask about our Monthly Membership that will allow you to save on regular IV therapy treatments.

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