IV Therapy in Nashville + Middle Tennessee


fifth + broadway

Located at Fifth + Broadway

5036 Broadway, Suite PU-1A | Nashville
Second Floor, Straight up the escalators, Right by the restrooms

Hours of Operation

Wednesday – Monday | 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Tuesday | Closed



It’s our mission is to help people optimize their personal health through customized IV Therapy & Hydration. It’s our passion and entire focus. We’re committed to giving you the best care possible that is affordable, targeted and medically beneficial. All from our highly trained practitioners in friendly, safe and relaxing environment – be it at one of our clinics or we can come to you! People of all ages utilize our therapies to boost their athletic performance, treat chronic conditions, recovery from illness. and improve their overall wellness.


We’re here help you stay 100% hydrated and healthy from the inside-out. We can’t wait to create a personalized plan to support you!

Pricing + Monthly Memberships

Gains + Treatments

Build Your Own Drip // A La Carte Services

Our IV Hydration treatments provide 1000ml of fluid, equivalent to drinking 2.5 gallons of H20.  We offer the choice of IV fluids including Sodium Chloride Saline Solution and Lactated Ringer Saline with Electrolytes.

Start Here // Lactated Ringer

1000mL Lactated Ringer Saline with Electrolytes


In addition, we offer a wide range of Essential and Advanced Gains that our trained providers can assist in determining your customized treatment. Popular treatments include:


Complex + Zofran



Vitamin C + Biotin


XTreme Muscle Recovery

Glutathione + Magnesium + Toradol



Mega-dose blend for immunity, detox, and beauty



Vid-Flo Monthly Membership // $89

Save with Vida-Flo’s monthly memberships. Members get personalized hydration treatments, vitamins, and wellness plans – all starting at $89. The best and most cost-effective way to optimize your health and hydration.

What’s included in the bag

1000ml IV Fluid
Three (3) Essential Gains
50% off all additional gains and treatments

Six-month commitment for All Tennessee Locations. Treatments accrue and roll over only from the previous month. Treatments are non-transferable. All programs automatically renew unless canceled a minimum of 30 days prior to renewal.

Such a great experience with a group of friends. The staffing was so friendly and our nurse was amazing!! Not to mention we felt like a million bucks after! Definitely a must in Nashville!!

– Lindsay –

These guys are great! I love how thorough they are in explaining what the different type of supplements are and how they can benefit you. I also appreciate their their membership program which will save you tons if you get an IV twice a month. The space is cozy, clean and there’s even a patio out front where you can relax in event there’s a wait.

– Ande –

The customer service is top-notch and after receiving the IV I never felt better. My group was in the heat walking 10+ miles a day out at the races and Vida-Flo pretty much saved all of us from heat exhaustion. Thank you! The nurses were great and the front desk employee was so nice. I would recommend y’all to everyone I know after the experience I had.

– Max –


When you’re super-busy, deathly sick, dehydrated, or all of the above, the last thing on your mind is to travel anywhere. Vida-Flo Mobile IV Therapy provides flexibility by delivering on-the-go care to you. We specialize in saving that family vacation, prepping you for the Ironman or getting you back on your feet when flu hits before a highly important business meeting.

Committed to Safety

In order to assess overall patient suitability, our physician has established certain procedures and protocols.

The following must be completed before Vida-Flo provides any therapy:

  1. Electronic Medical Questionnaire
  2. Discussion with Vida-Flo Medical Personnel
  3. Taking of Patient Vital Signs
  4. Final Assessment of Patient Suitability by a Registered Nurse.
  5. Patient Treatment Agreement and Authorization

Vida-Flo does not offer any diagnostic services and our medical guidelines are strict and specific. Some health conditions may disqualify you from receiving some of our treatments. Vida-Flo does not condone, recommend or encourage excess alcohol consumption. Excessive drinking is highly detrimental to one’s health and wellness and may lead to a number of medical issues. Please drink responsibly.


For pregnant women and oncology patients, Vida-Flo is unable to provide services without written consent from your personal physician.

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