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Best Places to Watch the Nashville Rock N Rock Marathon

The city of Nashville is known for its vibrant music scene, and the annual Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon is no exception. With over 20,000 runners participating, the event is a celebration of athleticism and music, as runners race through the city while local bands and musicians line the course. During their run through Music City, participants will pass iconic landmarks such as Broadway, Music Row, The Gulch, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and more. If you’re planning to attend, here are some of the best spots along the official course to watch the Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, from start to finish!

Demonbruen Hill

Just South of Downtown Nashville, Demonbruen Hill marks the first mile of the race. A great spot to see racers hit their stride, as well as follow leading participants. Here you will also find the location of Vida-Flo Nashville! Be sure to stop by before or after the race to replenish lost electrolytes and prevent post-race muscle soreness.

The Gulch

After you stop by Demonbruen Hill and Vida-Flo, make the walk over to The Gulch by way of Division Street. Here you will be able to catch up with runners as they take on mile 9. If you have time to kill, it is also a great area to peruse, known for its chic hotels, high-end fashion boutiques, and trendsetting restaurants.

Watch the Nashville Rock N Rock Marathon

East Nashville

A quirky residential area, East Nashville marks the most difficult part of the Music City Marathon – miles 18 through 25. At this point, many racers will have burned through their stored carbohydrates and are in need of some encouragement. With killer hills, Fatherland Avenue and Shelby Park are both perfect spots to surprise participants and cheer them on as they fight to stay in the race.

Nissan Stadium

Regardless of which race you choose to watch – Marathon, Half Marathon, or 5k – all racers will finish at Nissan Stadium. It’s a great spot to stake out and cheer on participants as they push themselves through the final stretch to receive a finisher medal. It is also home to the Encore Entertainment concert featuring up-and-coming country music stars, Runaway June.

IV bag for athletic recovery in nashville

Will you be there to watch the Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, or do you plan on participating? If you will be a runner, be sure to make an appointment at Vida-Flo Nashville – IV hydration therapy is the perfect way to support your body, both pre and post-race. It will not only give you the boost you need to prevent dehydration and injury but restore lost essential minerals and electrolytes. Consider us your one-stop shop for post-marathon muscle recovery! Feel free to walk in or book an appointment online. Or take advantage of Vida-Flo On-the-Go and one of our registered nurses will come to your home or hotel.

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